VIP Bottle Service

VIP Livin' handles more bottle service than any other independent company. Because of that, when you do business with us, you are treated much better than if you did it on your own or even with the club directly.

You are the VIP of all VIP’s at the nightclub. Other people doing bottle service will wait in a line, get bumped, get a bad table or be told they need to spend more… even those who worked with the club directly.

But not our clients! We are there spending big money at these Las Vegas clubs every week and get treated as the biggest spender in the club. Unlike working with another company or with the club directly:

  • You will not wait in a table and bottle service line.

  • You will not get your table bumped or downgraded.

  • You will not be asked to buy anything additional at any time and get to keep your table for the entire night!

How Does It Work?


VIP Livin' does it the right way! Don't just party, stay Livin!

  • First, your VIP Livin' Specialist will make recommendations about what is best for your group.

  • Next, you pick the venue, your table and choice of liquor. We have access to the best tables in the club that are not available anywhere else and can guarantee seating selection.

  • Then, we put it all in writing in a basic contract so you know exactly what you are getting!

  • Finally, your personal VIP Host will arrive at the nightclub before it even opens, pay for your table and have it all ready and waiting for your arrival. No other company offers that!


Are you interested?

We would be happy to give you more details regarding our services. Please contact us at 2104427184 or use our contact form.

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