Car Wash Service

Car washes are a dime a dozen especially in San Antonio so it is important to know which car wash is the safest and most effective. Here at San Antonio Auto Salon & Spa we take advantage of the 3 Bucket Method Hand Wash for a safe, scratch, and mar-free wash. Before we even use a wash mitt, we soak each car with in a foam bath to start breaking down the dirt and grime on the surface before we use our lambs wool mitt to remove them.


Each of our three buckets serve a different purpose. The first bucket is strictly for cleaning the rims of your vehicle. The second bucket is for for our proven mixture of soap and water to safely wash your car and the third bucket is the rinse bucket to rinse off the lambs wool mitt before dipping it in the soappy water again. This provides that the soappy water is always clean and that the dirt that was just removed from the vehicle doesn't stay in the wash mitt and further scratch the vehicle. We then dry the vehicle with a waffle weave microfiber towel and proceed with which ever services are picked out by the customer.


We offer a variety of convenience services when it comes to washing your car. We can pick up/ drop off your vehicle, we can wash your vehicle at your home, or you can drop it off and either wait or be picked up while we wash your vehicle. 

Lamborghini Murcielago
Dodge Viper
Cadillac CTS-V
Supercharged Range Rover
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