2006 Porsche Cayman S

For those unfamiliar with what we do at San Antonio Auto Salon & Spa, please take a moment to read through this blog and take a journey with us as we detail this car. The process we go through with each car is based off research and innovation to always be the best. Even if you have your own "go to guy" for detailing, please keep reading so you can learn and inform yourself of what your detailer should be doing. That being said, let's get started.


For a car with only 30,000 miles, this cars paint was in rough shape. It looked like someone got a hold of a rotary buffer and an old wool pad that they had laying around and had plenty of fun.






Their results were less than stellar. This car had lost any signs that underneath all the scratches was the gorgeous lapis blue metallic. It looked more black than blue because of how dull the paint appeared. At this point in the story enters San Antonio Auto Salon & Spa, ready for the challenge. This past week, we were given the opportunity to perform a Stage 2 level paint correction and mini detail on this Porsche Cayman S. What we expected isn’t what came in.  Given its rough shape and low miles we decided to go with a nice combination utilizing Sonax and Rupes equipment to bring this car’s paint back to life. The owners weren’t necessarily looking for perfection but wanted that beautiful blue to reappear.


Let us begin.


The Porsche was dropped off one morning and immediately we washed and prepped it for paint correction. As usual we applied some Chemical Guys bug and tar remover to safely remove the bugs and tar. Next we applied Sonax Wheel Cleaner to each wheel and even on the red Porsche brake calipers and wheel barrels and began to scrub utilizing the EZ Detail brush.






We use Sonax because ruining a set of $12,000 carbon ceramic brakes and $10,000 worth of wheels can be a nightmare. We do it right the first time, all the time. We then proceeded to wash the car with Chemical Guy’s Citrus Wash and Clear to remove any preexisting wax or sealant. Before we start actually washing the car with the lambs wool mitt, we use the Gilmour Foamaster to help start breaking down dirt to provide a more lubricated and scratch-free wash.







After washing the vehicle with the three-bucket method wash system we sprayed Iron-X all over the car to try and remove as much Iron particles as possible. Unsurprisingly there were plenty. After having done that we washed the car once more and started claying* the entire vehicle. (I put clay because that is what most people know it as but actually we use Autoscrub Nanoskin, which is similar to clay, but more efficient than clay and provides superior results.)


At this point the vehicle is almost ready to go, only taping up left to go. This is important because it prevents compound residue from attaching and staying on the rubber seals around the vehicle.




With the car taped up it was time to test a few combinations to see what would provide the best results for the stage 2. We first started with a light polish and knowingly it didn’t provide the results I was looking for and for sure not the results the customers were waiting for. We can usually tell what combination is going to work for each car and paint type but we always test the least invasive combinations first because responsible paint correction is maintaining as much of the factory clear coat as possible for future compounding and polishing. We then went with a slightly more intense combination and this did the trick! It was providing great results, so the rest of the car, with the exception of the roof, would be done with this combination. I went ahead and did a Stage 3 combination on the roof to minimize some of the severe scratches on one of the most visible spots of the entire car. After the whole hood was completed, it was time to take a break.




We decided to install the stereo at this point so we could begin working on the inside as soon as it was done.


The stereo the customer chose is one of the best on the market, the Pioneer AVH-X4500BT. Our client wasn't looking for navigation and wanted a factory look. We were able to accomplish just that. The install went smoothly overall. After taking apart the dash and removing the radio we began to wire up the new radio to the new wiring harness for some plug and play action.










Unfortunately installs never go as planned and it turns out we would have to run our own 12v Ignition wire to the radio. After debating a few ways to do this we finally choose the way to go about it and it only added half an hour to our install time. Next was fabricating the dash kit to fit this particular vehicle. No one makes a dash kit for any Porsche that has cup holders (go figure) and our Porsche did have cup holders so the dash kit we went with required some fabrication to get a proper fit but when we were done it was well worth it.












This prized vehicle now had a radio it deserved. The previous radio was less than nice and very basic. This touchscreen provided the factory look our clients were looking for and all the best features like bluetooth audio streaming and ability to make handsfree calls. To make this Porsche look even more factory we were able to customize the touchscreen to have a Porsche logo as its baskground. It doesn't get any more factory than that.


Now back to the paint correction. At this point everything is going well. We worked our way around the vehicle and we were getting a better paint correction with this combination than we hoped for.




The picture below is where we placed a peice of tape on the paint and poilished around and over it to show what the paint looked like before compared to after. So when we removed the tape you could see just how dull the paint really was.



The next two pictures are comparision pictures from the rear trunk. The first is photo is before we corrected anything and the latter is what the paint looked like after, very brilliant and glossy.






This next photo is another photo in a different spot where we placed some tape to show the difference in before and after. Now imagine that stripe as the whole car. Not a pretty picture, but wait for the after photos and youll realize why we take the time and care, becuase the after photos are gorgeous.



Certain areas required a little more time than others and certain areas were correcting up to 70%, a fantastic number for the Stage 2. As I finished the polishing I decided to take it outside to get an idea of how it would look in the sun. My Brinkman Xenon light and the heavy duty Husky lights were helping me see a lot of scratches but there are always some that will escape you without the help of direct sunlight. After checking we noticed a few left overs we knew we could get rid of and went over the troubled areas again to help with the correction rate. 




Finally finished. We just completed the paint correction at this point and I am more than happy with the results. The difference is unbelievable. I texted the owner and told him we couldn’t correct the paint so we just bought him a new one, jokingly of course. I was sure they would be more than happy. Now was time for the IPA wipe down, which is a solution that removes any left over compound and polish to assure proper sealing with the paint and the 22ple ultra durable glass coating.


As I applied the 22ple I was falling in love with this color and it hadn’t even cured yet.






I didn’t realize how gorgeous this color was when it came in but it really was. You can tell in a lot of the photos what I mean. Before the color was being trapped under all the scratches but now the color was shining through like the sun after being trapped behind the clouds. It was magical. The paint looked wet and glossy, which are good signs of a good paint correction and proper coating application.


We also treated the plastic and trim with the 22ple trim and plastic restorer to give it back its natural, black color.




Words can only say so much, check out the pictures and feel free to leave comments, questions, or scheduling requests to have yours done next in the comment section! Enjoy!


























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