2001 Porsche 911 Turbo 996tt

Facebook, Twitter, Google Places and Instagram are social media sites that we use every day to try and promote our business. One day we saw that one of the people we follow on Instagram had just bought himself a 911 Turbo! Immediately I commented and offered our services, hoping that we would catch a bit of luck and land a new customer. Fast Forward to three weeks later the 911 Turbo was in our studio and our Instagram conversion rate was at a sky-high 100%!


The 911 turbo is one of the coolest, fastest cars without being over the top flashy. It's not a quarter mile beast, but instead performs best on those perfect cold mornings when youre taking it through the hil country. It's a joy I can only imagine but one day it will be reality. If you've read about any of the other cars we've done, you'll know I tend to fall in love with almost every car I write about. This one was different though. I didn't just fall in love with this car; I became completely obsessed with it. This car is a 2001 but when we were done with it, it could have easily passed for a 2009-10 model to the average person (and it did, as I was taking pictures a neighbor mistook it for a 2010)!


This car was in good overall shape, it just needed a good hand wash and a little polishing to give it the “like-new” shine. So once we achieved that shine we applied the 22ple Glass Coating to the paint and trim for up to 24 months of protection, gloss and hydrophobic properties. Since we detailed the inside, as a sign of appreciation for the opportunity to work on such a car, we even added Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric to the floor mats for some added protection from stains and spills!


I just had to throw the owner's review in here also: "I do not do shout outs. However, Joseph earned my business for life. His attention to detail, professionalism and second to none "YES SIR" approach backed by his work put this small business on the map with my company. I will be referring him to all my clients, knowing that he will live to my strict standards. From simple last minute washes to complex detail/paint correction contact this guy. Thanks Joe, marvelous job!" 


Be sure to check out the pictures below (unedited, besides the watermarks):


Porsche getting the ultimate Foam Bath to begin breaking down dirt and grime for scratch-free wash:



In this photo, Joseph is applying the first step of the Leatherique leather reconditioning process for the ultimate leather cleaning and protection:



The first step of the Leatherique process requires heat to work properly so we let the vehicle sit in the sun for a few hours (We even put cones around it for some added awareness)



Once we moved to the second stage of the Leatherique process, you could tell the black was masking the dirt in this seats:



We hadn't gotten to steam the inside yet, but when I realized what was on the keychain I had to get a picture:




The engine bay was already in excellent shape, so it only required some touching up with 303 protectant to give it some added protection:



You can see in this photo the dash of the vehicle getting steam cleaned:



Here is a picture of the door panels getting steam cleaned also:



The rear cover was already removed so we steam cleaned it before we reinstalled it back into the vehicle:



One of the most effective ways to remove wax residue left from previous wax jobs is to steam it:



Continuing to remove the wax residue from the "Turbo" logo on the rear engine lid:



All ready for paint correction:



Even corrected the tail lights:



The Finished Product:






















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