2008 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI

Mini Detail

Wax upgraded to Esoteric Signature Series Wax by PolishAngel


This Mercedes-Benz ML 320 came to us in good overall shape but the owner was looking for more gloss and protection in his paint. We immediately recommended our mini detail and as we discussed what he needed, it turned out to be a perfect match. As soon as we got the vehicle we started by washing the exterior. The rims and rim barrels were pretty dirty so first we applied Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner and let the Sonax work its magic while we moved on to spray the Bug and Tar remover to certain areas where there were bugs on the paint. After letting the Sonax sit for a few moments, we began brushing with the EZ Detail brush to get behind the wheels.







Next we sprayed a foamed version of Chemical Guy’s Clean and Clear Wax remover soap to start breaking down the dirt and grime on the vehicle before we washed it utilizing the three-bucket method wash system because it provides the fewest amount of scratches and marring of any way to wash a car. We use this soap to remove all the previous wax so that after we finish polishing the car and we are ready to apply the new wax it will be able to cure completely to the vehicle. 




 After drying the vehicle we moved on to steam clean the engine bay and interior. The owner prefers his plastic engine cover off so cleaning this engine required a small boar’s hair cleaning tool to get in the tight cracks but the end result was worth the extra time required. We then continued to protect the plastic in the engine bay with 303 protectant.








Next we moved on to the interior where we meet a few carpet stains and a coffee stain that took quite a bit of work to get rid of. The leather was starting to peel on the drivers side door so we also dyed those spots.


Coffee Stain:



Leather Dye:



Almost all of the stains came out of the carpet with the help of the extractor and the floor mats were just shampooed.  We wiped down the dash and applied Sonax Dashboard cleaner, which leaves a Matte like-new finish. We then cleaned and conditioned the leather seats to rehydrate the leather in order to prolong the life and look of the leather.







Once we finished the interior it was time to focus our time back to the exterior and give the car a light machine polish to restore the color of the paint.




We then wiped the car down with an Isopropyl alcohol/water mixture to remove any left over polish. After having done that we began to apply the Esoteric Signature Series Wax by PolishAngel. This wax is one of our premium waxes as it is hand-made at the PolishAngel labs in Germany. It requires a cure time of over 20 minutes so at this point it was a waiting game. The Esoteric Signature Series Wax is made in small batches to ensure top-level quality and combines brilliance, durability, and value for a boutique wax(only a few hundred dollars as opposed to some boutique waxes that cost upwards of thousands of dollars). After letting the wax cure, we removed the remaining wax and the car was ready to go.




Enjoy some pictures of the vehicle after in the sun!  








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