2010 Mercedes Benz E550

This Mercedes Benz E550 was in excellent condition as far as scratches are concerned but one thing that this vehicle did suffer from was hard water stains. Hard water stains are caused by water sitting on the paint too long and leaving behind the calcium the water was carrying on to the paint. This can be a real pain if not treated quickly or properly. Luckily after our decontamination process and a little bit of polishing we were able to remove most of them. If left on there long enough these hard water stains can etch themselves on to the paint making some permanent to even some of the most severe compounding and polishing. One way to help prevent this is by applying a protective coating. Next enters 22ple VX1 Ultra Durable Glass Coating to help prevent water from staying on the car. The hydrophobic properties of the 22ple VX1 cause water to bead up immediately and often fall right off the car. This prevents those pesky stains from doing any damage to your paint. For pictures of the gloss and shine of the VX1 on the E550 look below:













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