2012 Infiniti G37xS

This 2012 Infiniti G37xS was in dire need of some form of paint correction and protection. Unfortunately the whole body of this sports car was full of holograms, swirls, and scratches. Unfortunately in the car wash industry, consumers always want the cheapest way but this leads to a car with swirls, scratches and even holograms. Sadly most often you get what you pay for. That $200 three step compound, polish and wax is going to be either sub-par and often cause more damage than help or whoever is doing the work is losing a tremendous amount of money. It's not worth it. Instead it is more cost efficent to have the paint corrected and coated with a glass or hybrid coating and then focus on maintaining it. An hour or two a week is all it takes to wash your own car using the proper method or you can bring it to us and let us do it. When we get cars that are this rough, in a way its sad to see how the previous owner/dealer treated it but luckily this owner wanted to bring the paint back to life and give it some protection! We decided to go with the Gtechniq EXOv2 hybrid coating because of its great ability to bead water and dirt and its longevity. We were excited to use the EXOv2 hybrid coating for the first time in our shop. So lets get started. 


Here are some before shots: the scratches and holograms are immediately obvious.







As usual we began with the 3-bucket method wash and removed any existent wax. After discussing which options were available with the owner they decided to go with a hybrid Stage 3 correction which means we go with a stage 3 correction on all surfaces that get hit directly by the sun and a stage 2 paint correction on all the sides of the vehicle.  This is one of the most efficient ways to show the least amount of scratches and get perfection in some areas. The scratches and swirls show when hit with direct sunlight and the stage 2 was only removing so many defects so we opted for a stage 3 to remove the remaining defects. The results were stellar. We were able to remove all holograms from the paint and give it back the gloss, depth, and shine it deserved.





Rupes Bigfoot Machine made in Italy:



After (pure reflection and gloss): 





We then topped the newly corrected paint with Gtechniq EXOv2 hybrid coating. The science behind GTechniq EXO is amazing! It contains an organic element and an inorganic element, which both have a UV filter. The inorganic element forms a strong chemical bond with the substrate to which EXO is applied. The organic element provides the functional dirt and water repellency that you can see with your own eyes. What's even more remarkable is that water beads on an EXO-treated surface in almost spherical drops. They look like little pearls sitting on your vehicle's finish. These water beads roll off easily, leaving a spot-free vehicle. It also gives surfaces a high gloss and a slick feel like the best car wax. The best part is that the EXO finish will remain slick and shiny for much longer than any traditional wax or paint sealant. You'll enjoy years of surface protection with just one application! With all that being said now its time to enjoy some more photos:




Now it was time to apply the Gtechniq EXOv2 hybrid coating:





Now that the coating cured is we took it outside for some after photos:













This shot just had to be in here also. It was taken in the studio and the reflection, gloss, and depth are amazing: IMG_4492

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