Ferrari F430

I’ll start this blog post off by telling the story of how the owner and I first met. One day while on the road, I saw a beautiful Ferrari drive by and couldn’t help but notice how the window was dirty. Something small but it caught my attention. I thought to myself, “I should introduce myself and tell him a little bit about San Antonio Auto Salon & Spa and what we have to offer to keep this prized beauty in the best condition possible.”


I’m a big fan of "Counting Cars" (a television show on the History channel) and the Kount always follows cars he likes in an effort to talk to the owner about it and to attempt to buy the car for his collection or to flip them. I was looking for something different but maybe it was the Kount in me that told me to follow him and see if he would have any interest. I immediately turned to follow him (only broke 2 traffic laws in the process of catching up with this Ferrari). I decided I would only follow him for so long and luckily it was just long enough. I parked a distance away and slowly walked up to introduce myself.


He turned out to be an extremely nice man who definitely had an interest in what I could offer his beautiful car and we talked about several options for it. He decided that in a few days we would start with a wash and wax and go from there. I wasn’t sure he would call or even remember me but it was worth a shot.


Two days later he calls and tells me that he’s on his way! I thought to myself, "I can not wait to see how beautiful this car will be when we are done with it" and my, oh my, was she gorgeous at the end. We started by foaming the car to lubricate the dirt and help prevent scratches as usual and then with the 3-bucket method wash.



We then applied the wax and let it cure until it was time to buff it off.



I wish we had more pictures but I was on my own on this wash and on a time limit so we only have a few shots but I tried to make them worthwhile. The client was thrilled with our work and hopefully will become a life long customer.


Moral of the story: Opportunities will drive by every once in a while, but it is up to you to chase them down and take advantage of them.


Now enjoy the after pictures of this beautiful Italian Sports car:











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