2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10

I'll start this post off with a review I read about the 2006 Viper with the Paxton Novi Supercharger,


"What’s it like to drive a car with this kind of power? Let’s look at the average freeway on-ramp: it’s a little less than a quarter-mile long. You and I both make a rolling left turn onto the ramp at about 20mph. You’re in a BMW 328i, not a bad little car. I’m in this supercharged Viper. We both floor it. If you give it your all, you will be driving at about a hundred miles per hour when it’s time to merge. Better hit the brakes, friend.


Meanwhile, I will have cleared one hundred and sixty miles per hour by the time I swing to the left and enter the freeway. I’m six seconds down the road from you, and by the time you merge in after me I am knocking on the door of 186 miles per hour, already nearly a half-mile away. In moments, I will be out of your visual range on most American Interstates. On what Jethro Tull called “a machine-born six lanes” this Viper bends time and space in a way only the Suzuki Hayabusa and similar motorcycles can...

We live in an age of bicycle helmets for children, twelve-airbag family sedans, initiatives against childhood bullying, and Antioch College’s guides for consensual sex. If you like that stuff, you’ll hate this car. This Viper is unrestricted power and untrammeled speed, unrepentant American bad-assed masculinity. It could kill you in a heartbeat, but I tell you this: it is a straight shot of heroin to the veins, a sledgehammer to the forehead, and I love it as I have never loved another street car."

-Jack Baruth from thetruthaboutcars.com


After having read that I was ecstatic to work on such a car. As a kid growing up these were one of my favorite cars, so being about to work one was quite the experience. The car was in good condition when it came to us. It had 40,000 miles on it and looked like it wasnt babied! The owner must have used every bit of power this bad boy had and thats something to be appreciated. This came to us for a hybrid paint correction and polish, Nanolex Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant, Engine Detail and interior detail. As you can see from the below pictures it turned out fantastic! Unfortunately the day of the paint correction, we forgot the camera at home, so no correction photos! :( But please enjoy the photos we do have!


Luxurious Bath:



Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner(ph neutral):



Paxton Novi:



Engine Shot:



Looks ready to strike:



We had this car for a few days and everytime I opened the garage, my jaw dropped each time!



Dang, my jaw is still on the floor!



The lines on this car are just fantastic:



Viper + San Antonio Auto Salon & Spa = On another level



Beautiful reflection:



Again, beautiful reflection:



Interior Shot:



Push to start:



Lots of trunk room!



Two friendly reminders :)


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