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At the elite level of paint correction and auto detailing your options for someone to perform this task are small, not because there arent hundreds of detailers in each city, but because there are only a small handful in the world who do it correctly. When choosing between this handful, its the small details that matter. Those details will eventually lead you to your highline professional detailer. We here at San Antonio Auto Salon & Spa, pride ourselves in the work we do. Not only do we make each car special in it's own way, we are constantly researching and innovating to make sure its done in the most responsible way. 


This section is for detailed articles of vehicle paint corrections, detailing, and everyday car washes. We take tremendous pride in knowing we do things the right way. These articles are for you to see just how detailed we are and to also see the differences in the before and after photos. We will try to do them as often as we can and with the owner of the vehicle's consent!


So with that being said, look at pictures below and click on the car you wish to read about!

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